Swiss design studio SULA specializes in rugs, textiles, furniture and other interior. We have supported SULA in creating a brand that remains committed to its core values: quality, function, and design. It enables SULA to successfully navigate a saturated international market and establish a strong presence in e-commerce.

V/A – Various Artists

V/A – Various Artists, a thought-provoking online magazine published by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and curated by a team of editors at INTR, explored emerging trends within the global art and culture community. Fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing, V/A connected authors, artists and publishers from around the world over the course of three years.


Peeps, an app tailored for young PostFinance customers, offers a dynamic fusion of engaging articles, exciting giveaways, and an eclectic shop. Each day, the app spotlights a young Swiss individual, delving into their unique interests and passions. Driven by a team of young editors, Peeps shatters the confines of social bubbles, fostering connections with diverse personalities beyond users' usual circles. INTR brought Peeps to life, oversees the organization, guides the editorial team and handles distribution, marketing and shipping.


Olympia Bern is a restaurant, bar, cafe and bakery—all at once. We supported the team behind Olympia in creating their name, logo, website, photos, labeling and menu.


On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the debut album *Quarter Turns Over a Living Line* by acclaimed English band Raime, we have developed a publication that takes up to the multimedia presentation of the recording back when it was originally released. The journal that was sold out within hours was published by Präsens Editionen.

Zürcher Theater Spektakel

The Zürcher Theater Spektakel ranks among the most important European festivals for the contemporary performing arts. Over the course of several years we have managed the festival's ambitious communications—from hosting its versatile website including an in-house magazine, to editing a nationally distributed print journal, to fostering its digital outlets including various newsletters and social media channels.

The Rest

The Rest is a music newsletter that caters its readership with a song and a story about it on a daily basis. From developing the concept of the publication, to designing the various aspects of its brand, to creating the newsletter's content and marketing it-INTR is the driving force behind this innovative media venture.